The National Association of Evangelicals on Ending Religious Persecution

January 1, 1996

Religious liberty is not a privilege to be granted or denied by an all-powerful State, but a God-given human right. Indeed, religious liberty is the bedrock principle that animates our republic and defines us as a people. We must share our love of religious liberty with other peoples, who in the eyes of God are our neighbors. Hence, it is our responsibility, and that of the government that represents us, to do everything we can to secure the blessings of religious liberty to all those suffering from religious persecution.

We appeal not only to our own government, but to the governments of every nation that would be free, to treasure religious freedom. A people cannot be truly free where the elemental justice of religious freedom is abridged or denied. If justice is to “roll on like a river,” religious persecution around the world must cease.

Therefore, before God, and because we are our brother’s keeper, we solemnly pledge:

To end our own silence in the face of the suffering of all those persecuted for their religious faith.

To address religious persecution carried out by our Christian brothers and sisters whenever this occurs around the world.

To withhold assistance by our member denominations to those countries that fail to take action to end religious persecution.

To do what is within our power to the end that the government of the United States will take appropriate action to combat the intolerable religious persecution now victimizing fellow believers and those of other faiths.

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