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Tim Schultz, President of the 1st Amendment Partnership, on the Need for the Trump Administration to Protect Religious Minorities

November 12, 2016

Broadly speaking, it will mean an administration and Congress that does not actively interfere with the religious rights of millions of Americans through regulatory actions like the Department of Human Services contraception and abortion-drug mandate. It will mean that Congress is much more likely to advance legislation guaranteeing the rights of federal contractors to maintain their full religious mission. [...] If President Trump threatens or fails to defend the rights of religious minorities, faith communities must be willing to push back even if they are not directly affected. Sikh, Muslim, and Jewish leaders have expressed fear that their rights are at increased risk in our present socio-political moment, and everyone should take those fears seriously. At the policy level, religiously motivated violence, harassment, and local zoning discrimination are all serious problems that the federal government has the legal power to redress, and we should be extremely zealous about encouraging the new administration to continue President Obama’s laudable record in this regard.

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