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Catholic Peacebuilding Network

This resource is no longer being updated.

The Catholic Peacebuilding Network brings together educational and service organizations committed to advancing conflict resolution, economic and social development, and human rights worldwide. CPN is a network of practitioners, academics, clergy, and laity from around the world that seeks to enhance the study and practice of Catholic peacebuilding, especially at the local level. The network works to strengthen bonds among Catholic peacebuilders, to share "best practices," to expand the peacebuilding capacity of the Church conflict areas, and to encourage the further development of a theology of a just peace. The CPN believes that effective Catholic peacebuilding involves dialogue and collaboration with those of other religious traditions and all those committed to building a more peaceful world. Under the leadership of Kroc Institute at the University of Notre Dame, the network has organized several high profile global meetings and research projects since its founding in 2004.
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