Resources on Faith, Ethics and Public Life

Child Marriage

Throughout the developing world, millions of girls are married—often under duress—while they are still children. Religious groups engage the issue on the principle that child marriage denies the dignity of the girl and defiles the sanctity of marriage. Furthermore, child marriage acts as a serious impediment to development, raising economic, medical, and ethical issues. Child marriage increases instances of domestic violence, creates maternal health problems, denies economic opportunity to girls, and perpetuates a patriarchal system of female subjugation. Religious and interfaith groups around the world are working to empower girls through providing support networks, facilitating community dialogue, improving access to education, and introducing alternative economic incentives to child marriage. The resources on this page detail the faith-inspired organizations, programs, and publications that are engaged in this work and are part of an ongoing initiative focused on religion and global development sponsored by the Luce Foundation.
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