Climate Change

Faith-inspired action around issues of climate change is growing. Motivated by the call to be stewards of God’s creation, to protect the most vulnerable in society, and to fulfill a responsibility for the common good, faith-based groups are advocating for ethical solutions to environmental challenges that will uphold principles of social and economic justice. Climate change threatens to derail development progress for many countries around the world. This destabilizing force magnifies concerns about food security, agricultural productivity, the spread of diseases, population displacement, water scarcity, and energy security. In addition to coordinated advocacy efforts for environmental protection policies, faith-inspired actors are engaged in environmental education, disaster relief, and smaller scale projects such as water management and agricultural reform projects. Such actors also possess the grassroots capacity to promote environmental consciousness, responsibility, and other behavioral solutions. The resources found on this page provide a brief overview of the publications, events, and faith-based organizations that are actively engaged in confronting issues of climate change. The resources are part of an ongoing initiative focused on religion and global development sponsored by the Luce Foundation.