Resources on Faith, Ethics and Public Life


The intersection of gender and religion, particularly in the context of development, can often be a controversial topic. Gender issues, however, encompass religious concerns such as human dignity, social justice, peace, and protecting human rights. Many faith-inspired organizations are working to improve gender-related development issues, such as domestic violence, education, political participation, and equal rights. Not only do women play a significant role in the religious institutions contributing to development, but women are also central to sustainable development itself, often acting as the backbone of society and increasingly becoming productive members of the economy in new sectors. Faith-inspired actors from around the world and various faiths are engaged in areas such as education, advocacy, training programs, and empowerment to work towards a more equitable world. The resources on this page offer an overview of organizations involved in these efforts as well as relevant publications, events, and programs. The resources are part of an ongoing initiative focused on religion and global development sponsored by the Luce Foundation.
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