Resources on Faith, Ethics and Public Life


The ferocity of the HIV/AIDS pandemic has drawn many religious leaders and groups—inspired by insight, compassion, or the practical realities around them—to respond. Many faiths unite in the cause to protect the dignity of those affected and to promote HIV/AIDS as a human rights issue. The epidemic is highly correlated with poverty, gender inequality, and weak public services. Not only is it often a sign of underdevelopment, but it also serves to perpetuate it through its enormous human cost, as well as the cost of drugs, treatments, and discrimination. Many faith-based actors from diverse traditions, therefore, have made HIV/AIDS a cornerstone of their development work. These organizations provide support networks, testing, access to treatments, and educational programs to combat the devastating effects of the disease. While many Catholic organizations are engaged in HIV/AIDS relief efforts, there is controversy over the Catholic Church’s stance against the use of condoms as a form of disease prevention. Despite this, interfaith groups are actively involved in the issue, often collaborating with international bodies such as UNAIDS and WHO. However, better coordination between secular humanitarian actors and faith-based organizations is needed to improve the effectiveness of these efforts. The resources on this page offer an overview of the faith-inspired organizations, events, and publications related to ongoing HIV/AIDS relief work around the globe. The resources are part of an ongoing initiative focused on religion and global development sponsored by the Luce Foundation.


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