Resources on Faith, Ethics and Public Life


Tuberculosis (TB) is known as one of the “big three” infectious diseases affecting the developing world, but it has received less attention and funding from donors than the other two (HIV/AIDS and malaria). However, the rising incidence of drug-resistant strains of TB, as well as co-infection with other deadly diseases, has resulted in the recent prioritization of TB on the agendas of local and international development organizations. Faith-inspired actors are primary providers of health services in many countries and are positioned to address this need. These resources highlight ongoing faith-inspired efforts to draw attention to their unique capacity and to encourage collaboration to protect against and care for victims of tuberculosis. The essays, organizations, programs, events, publications, and quotes demonstrate an array of initiatives in the tuberculosis sector. The resources are part of an ongoing initiative focused on religion and global development sponsored by the Luce Foundation.


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