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Women, Religion, and Peace

This resource is no longer being updated.

Scholars and policymakers have devoted much time and research to both the role of religious leaders in peace building and the role of women in peace building. A wide range of work has been done on issues at the intersection of gender and peace, but gaps remain in the knowledge and understanding of this topic. In July 2010, the Berkley Center, World Faiths Development Dialogue, and the United States Institute of Peace organized a conference on "An Exchange on Women's Roles for Peace: Is Religion a Source of Strength or an Obstacle?" to contribute knowledge and promote understanding of this complex and crucial topic. Building on the contributions from this gathering, this page features key publications, events, and organizations as a resource for both conference participants and the public to consider the efforts and advances already made, as well as the new possibilities for strengthening women's role in religious peacemaking.


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