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Faith to the Fore on Malaria
September 19, 2008


Malaria No More
IMA World Health

April 17, 2012

Ian Linden on Global Health and Africa

The Berkley Center, WFDD, and Tony Blair Faith Foundation (TBFF) convened an afternoon discussion with Ian Linden, Director of Policy at TBFF. Linden presented and discussed TBFF’s current work, particularly their Faiths Act fellows program, a multi-faith global movement that engages 34 fellows to inspire and mobilize people of faith to take action towards the Millennium Development Goals, with a focus on eliminating malaria-related deaths. An initiative that parallels in many ways the Berkley Center’s Millennial Values Fellows initiative, Linden’s discussion of the Faiths Act program shed light on mutual areas of interest.

Linden and Katherine Marshall, Senior Fellow at the Berkley Center and Executive Director of WFDD, also discussed the recent, jointly undertaken publication entitled Global Health and Africa: Assessing Faith Work and Its Policy Implications, highlighting the findings of this review of literature and experiences on the actual and potential roles of faith communities in responding to priority global health challenges, notably HIV and AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and major childhood killers. The WFDD and TBFF joint-review aims to chart and define research gaps and possibilities, focusing on Africa and on issues with links to global health policies relevant to poverty alleviation.
For Ian Linden's reflections on the nexus of religion and development, see WFDD's previous interview with him here.

The reports, separated into a Full Report, Executive Summary, and Background Paper can be accessed on the WFDD Publications page.


Ian Linden

Ian Linden

Ian Linden works for the Tony Blair Faith Foundation and is a professorial research associate at the School of Oriental & African Studies in London. Formerly director of the Catholic Institute for International Relations, he was awarded a CMG for his work for human rights in 2000. He has advised the Catholic Bishops Conference of England and Wales, Department of International Affairs, on European and Justice and Peace issues. He has lived and worked in Ireland, USA, Malawi, and Nigeria, writing on the impact of Catholicism on civil conflict in Zimbabwe and Rwanda, and the rise of Islam in the north of Nigeria. Recent research for the British government Department for International Development (DfID), has been on faith and development with special emphasis on Muslim approaches to West African development, and for the Commonwealth Foundation on multi-faith programs. He has written for periodicals and magazines for over 40 years.