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    Announcing Doctoral Research Fellowships

    The Religious Freedom Project is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity for doctoral students researching the causes and consequences of religious freedom. For more information and instructions on how to apply, click here.

  • Uscapitol

    Grim Comments on Saperstein, IRFA

    RFP Associate Scholar Brian Grim proposes a reset in US international religious freedom policy, noting that the Senate confirmation of Ambassador David Saperstein on December 12 is a positive step forward.

  • Muslimgirlsparis

    Muslim Minorities and Religious Freedom: A Public Dialogue

    On December 15, the RFP will be hosting an all-day conference on Muslim minorities. The event will feature Robert P. George, Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, and John Esposito in a keynote conversation.

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  • Islamicstatebootcamp

    Undermining ISIL with Religious Freedom

    Tom Farr, in testimony to Canada's House of Commons, argues that Canadian and US international religious freedom policy should be understood as part of a broader national security strategy—a diplomatic counterterrorism tool.

  • Vandalizedchurch

    Christian Martyrdom Rising

    In Christianity Today, RFP Associate Scholar William Inboden argues that persecution does not necessarily lead to increased devotion, as some Church Fathers claimed. In fact, suffering Christian communities in the Middle East are not being revived, but "driven to extinction."

  • Divorceservicessign

    Farr Challenges No-Fault Divorce

    Writing in First Things, RFP Director Tom Farr discusses the negative effects of no-fault divorce on religion, society, and especially children. Along with developmental psychologist Hilary Towers, Farr urges family courts to uphold the sanctity of marriage and family.

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