• Marriageholdinghands

    Christian Leaders on Marriage

    RFP Director Thomas Farr endorses the "sanctity of marriage" in a letter published by evangelical and Catholic leaders on First Things.

  • Nuninorphanage

    Proselytism and Development

    The Religious Freedom Project is hosting a conference on proselytism and development on Wednesday, March 4, featuring a keynote conversation with Rick Warren and Ruth Messinger. RSVP here.

  • Grimbrian

    Combating Religious Extremism

    RFP associate scholar Brian Grim talked to Vatican Radio’s Tracey McClure about using love and business to combat the rise of religious extremism.

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  • Egyptprotestmuslimchristian2011

    The Missing Key to More Effective US Diplomacy

    Tom Farr says advancing religious freedom in American foreign policy can help advance economic development and counter persecution and extremism. 

  • Jesuitcollegesuniversities

    Building A Culture of Encounter

    Referencing the recent Cardinal O'Connor Conference at Georgetown University, RFP research assistant Louis Cona comments on the "culture of encounter" that is inspired by Ignatian tradition.

  • Popefrancisinauguralmass

    Papal Authority and Political Discourse

    Writers on Cornerstone, including Princeton professor Matthew J. Franck and canon lawyer Nicholas Cafardi, debate the meaning and authority of Pope Francis' public statements.

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