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July 27, 2014  |  About RFP  |  Directions to the Center  |  Subscribe
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  • Aleppo ISIS, Iraq, and Religious Claims

    Mathew Anderson, a Georgetown doctoral student and RFP research assistant, published an article for openDemocracy. Matt commented on the origins of religious freedom in Islam and the persecution of Christians in Iraq. He also evaluated the sweeping theological claims of ISIS, which promotes a misleading 'purified' view of Islam.
  • Rfp_facebook Religious Freedom Project Joins Facebook

    The RFP's Facebook page features expert commentary and news about upcoming events. Like the page today to join an online community of practitioners, scholars, and students interested in the study of religious liberty around the world.
  • Grimbrian Business Related to Peace and Religious Freedom

    Brian Grim, RFP scholar and President of the Religious Freedom & Business Foundation, released a new study yesterday, concluding that business is good for religious freedom. Case studies involve Coca-Cola's "small world machines," NGOs in Nigeria, and entrepreneurship among impoverished Afro-Brazilians.
  • Danielphilpott No Human Rights without God

    Daniel Philpott wrote an article for openDemocracy on the impossibility of human rights without God, arguing that belief in God provides the logical basis behind human rights. Without the existence of a God who is omnipotent and who takes personal interest in creation, the concept of rights dissolves into incomprehensibility.
  • Anisarkissian Politics and Civil Society in Turkey

    RFP Associate Scholar Tony Gill interviews fellow RFP scholar Ani Sarkissian to discuss politics and civil society in Turkey. Dr. Sarkissian explains that government prohibitions on overtly ethnic or religious civil associations have failed to have the intended effect of broadening participation in civil society.

    related | Religious freedom and political stability
  • Rogertrigg Roger Trigg Examines Religious Diversity

    Former RFP associate scholar Roger Trigg has published a new book with Cambridge University Press. In Religious Diversity: Philosophical and Political Dimensions, Trigg examines the complexities of secularism, tolerance, and relativism. He also analyzes the political implications of increasing religious diversity.


The Religious Freedom Project is the country's only university-based program devoted exclusively to the analysis of religious freedom, a basic human right restricted in many parts of the World.

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