• Burnedchurch

    Farr and Shah Sign Letter on Genocide

    RFP Director Tom Farr and Associate Director Tim Shah signed a letter urging President Obama to declare the persecution of religious minorities by Islamic State an act of genocide. The letter is signed by over 100 religious leaders, scholars, and community leaders.

  • Capitolbuildingnight

    Congress Urged to Take Action on Religious Freedom

    RFP Director Thomas Farr signed a letter urging Congress to support H.R. 1150, which would make religious freedom a higher priority in the Department of State. Signatories include a bipartisan group of religious leaders, public intellectuals, and scholars.

  • Flagseuropeanunionunitedstatesfrancegermany

    International Religious Freedom Conference

    On October 8, the RFP is hosting a conference on international religious freedom, featuring Peter Berger, David Brooks, and David Saperstein. RSVP here.

  • Stanleycarlsonthies

    Protecting Faith-Based Organizations

    A new book by Cornerstone contributor Stanley Carlson-Thies and Stephen Monsma, Free to Serve, emphasizes the importance of protecting the religious freedom of faith-based organizations.

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  • Sharingcatholicsocialteaching

    Farr Quoted Before Papal Address

    EWTN's Raymond Arroyo quoted Tom Farr when discussing the role that religion plays in political life before Pope Francis' address to Congress.

  • Popefrancisinauguralmass

    Pope Francis and Religious Liberty

    Judge Ken Starr argues that the pope should remind Americans of the importance of religious liberty and America's obligation to defend it across the globe.

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