• Gyatsotenzindalailamaspeaking

    Dalai Lama and Religious Freedom

    In the National Catholic Register, Thomas Farr comments on the relationship between China and the Vatican. He urges Pope Francis, as a champion of religious freedom, to stand firmly behind the Dalai Lama and those victimized by the Chinese government.

  • Egyptflagchristianmuslim

    State-Sponsored Religious Persecution

    In the Washington Post, RFP Associate Scholar Ani Sarkissian argues that states like Saudi Arabia are sometimes the worst perpetrators of religious persecution, as they use religion to justify acts of violence against their own people.

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  • Unitedstatessupremecourt

    Shah Referenced in Supreme Court Brief

    In a recent amicus brief to the Supreme Court, the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty references RFP Associate Director Timothy Shah's forthcoming book Homo Religiosus? about religion and human nature.

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  • Popefrancis2

    Pope Visits Sri Lanka

    On the eve of Pope Francis' visit to Sri Lanka, Timothy Shah comments on the election of President Maithripala Sirisena, who is expected to have a positive effect on religious freedom and reconciliation.

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  • Johnkerry

    Scholars Petition Secretary Kerry

    In a letter signed by RFP Associate Director Timothy Shah and other leading scholars, Secretary of State John Kerry is reminded that religious persecution and violence persists in Pakistan. Kerry visits Islamabad on Monday, January 12 for official talks.

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  • Shariamarchmaldives

    Confronting Political Islam

    On the Research on Religion podcast, RFP Associate Scholars Anthony Gill and John Owen discuss how Western history can inform us about the current conflict with Islamism.

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