• Millenniumvaluessymposium

    Religious Freedom Summit

    In anticipation of the Pope's upcoming visit to the United States, the RFP, in collaboration with Baylor University and Catholic University, is sponsoring the Religious Freedom Summit. The event features several prominent religious leaders and scholars, including the RFP's Tom Farr and Tim Shah.

  • Christianityandfreedom

    Missionary Roots of Democracy

    The Federalist reviews RFP scholar Bob Woodberry's article, "The Missionary Roots of Liberal Democracy," originally published in the American Political Science Review. 

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  • Johnkerry

    Farr on Iran Deal

    In a National Catholic Register article on Catholic positions on the Iran nuclear deal, RFP Director Thomas Farr comments on the destabilizing effects the deal could have on the Middle East.

  • Islamicstatebootcamp

    Islam and the Enlightenment

    In a recent Foreign Affairs article, RFP Associate Scholar John Owen explains that the Muslim world is not in need of its own enlightenment, but rather finds itself right in the middle of grappling with the effects of the modern (European) Enlightenment.

  • Popefrancisinauguralmass

    Pope Addresses Religious Freedom in America

    Pope Francis calls on American Catholics to defend religious freedom and the institution of marriage, which is "under attack from powerful cultural forces." The message was signed by Vatican Secretary of State Cardinal Pietro Parolin and sent to participants in an international conference in Philadelphia.

  • Receperdogangeorgepapandreou

    Economic Concerns in Turkey

    RFP Associate Scholar Timur Kuran comments on how Prime Minister Erdogan's authoritarian measures are threatening religious minorities and scaring investors.

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