• Tomfarrtestimony

    Farr Addresses Religious Freedom Summit

    Earlier this month, RFP Director Tom Farr spoke at Cedarville University on the "Landscape of Religious Freedom Abroad." Full coverage of his presentation is now available (see 22:30).

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  • Capitolbuilding

    International Religious Freedom Day

    The US Commission on International Religious Freedom today commemorates the sixteenth anniversary of the passage of the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998. This year, the commission released its fifteenth annual report, available here.

  • Romechurchsteeples

    Rebecca Shah Presents at Rome Conference

    RFP scholar Rebecca Shah addresses the "human dignity index" with panelists from the World Health Organization and the University of California. The discussion is part of the Human Dignity and Development conference, sponsored by the Kellogg Institute of the University of Notre Dame.

  • Prison

    Religion in the Prison Yard

    In a recent editorial, Byron Johnson emphasizes the benefits of religious freedom for prison inmates and chaplains. He also comments on Holt v. Hobbs, a Supreme Court case about an Arkansas inmate's half-inch beard.

  • Marriageholdinghands

    Religion and Family Life

    Writing for Cornerstone, RFP scholar Brad Wilcox examines the effect of religion on family life. Overall, he finds a positive correlation between levels of religious adherence, marriage, and child-rearing.

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  • Rogertrigg

    Roger Trigg Supports Conscience Clause

    Former RFP scholar Roger Trigg spoke in Belfast last week, arguing that Christians should be exempt from certain laws that violate their conscience. Trigg believes that Christian values are being undermined by the secular neutrality of the British state.

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