• Johntempletonjr

    RFP Honors Jack Templeton

    Religious Freedom Project faculty and staff are remembering Jack Templeton, president and chairman of the John Templeton Foundation, who passed away on May 16. Dr. Templeton supported the RFP since its inception and was committed to the study of religious freedom.

    Big Questions Online | Read a religious freedom essay by RFP Director Thomas Farr, now up on the Templeton Foundation's website.

  • Nepalchildren2015earthquake

    Earthquake Relief

    Kent Hill, a senior vice president at World Vision and speaker at the March 4 RFP conference on proselytism and development, discusses humanitarian relief in Nepal following May's devastating earthquakes.

  • Library

    RFP Grants Five Dissertation Fellowships

    This summer, the Religious Freedom Project is granting five Ph.D. dissertation fellowships to students exploring the sources, development, and consequences of religious freedom. Read more about the fellows and their projects here.

  • Matthewanderson

    Anderson Wins Boren Fellowship

    Matthew Anderson, a former research assistant with the Religious Freedom Project, will be continuing his work in Amman, Jordan next year on a 2015-2016 Boren Fellowship.

  • Ryananderson

    Redefining Marriage

    Ryan T. Anderson outlines the history, purpose, and dangers of redefining the institution of marriage on Cornerstone.

  • Pakistanchristiansprotestwomen

    Baylor Scholars Find Increase in Religiosity

    Baylor's Institute for Studies of Religion, a partner of the RFP, is conducting groundbreaking research on the dramatic increase in religiosity.

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