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Engagement with cultural and religious differences is a centerpiece of the Georgetown educational experience. The Doyle Engaging Difference Program, a collaboration with the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS), supports Berkley Center's Doyle Seminars program, the Junior Year Abroad Program (JYAN), and Doyle student fellows.



JYAN 2013/2014

Dylan Gaffney

Aramide Alaka

Peter Armstrong

Aisha Babalakin

Alexander Cartron

Binta Ceesay

Tucker Cholvin

Nicholas Clark

Audrey Denis

Aidan Dugan

Molly Egilsrud

Megan Elman

Hopey Fink

Samantha Foggan

Lindsay Fountain

Sari Frankel

Shannon Galvin

Teresa Geruson

Kabreya Ghaderi

Rafael Go

Brigit Goebelbecker

April Gordon

Sankalp Gowda

Joseph Gruenbaum

Sam Gyory

Paul Healy

Rebecca Hong

Trishla Jain

Nicole Jarvis

Kathleen Kelley

Zoey Krulick

Tiffany Lachhonna

Su Lyn Lai

Kendra Layton

Jinyoung Lee

Elaine Li

Andy Lin

Sarah Lloyd

Jaime Lunny

Alexandra Ma

Melissa Mabry

Amanda Maisonave

Catherine Maitner

Christina McGrath

Fiona Meagher

Sarah Mock

Jordan Moeny

Shaiesha Moore

Katie Morgan

Zoe Mowl

Stephanie Muci

Chloe Nalbantian

Hiromi Oka

Angela Owens

Alex O’Neill

Victoria Parr

Sarah Patrick

Danny Pierro

Mina Pollmann

Alex Pommier

Alex Rallo

Jessica Rempe

Travis Richardson

Greta Riebe

Katherine Rivard

Colleen Roberts

Nicolo Dona dalle Rose

Noreen Sajwani

Colleen Scanlon

Emilia Sens

Lindsey Shea

Haley Shoaf

Sebastian Silva

Corey Stewart

Keegan Terek

Nadia Thura

Jennifer Tubbs

David Warren

Alex Watson

Danielle Webb

Kate Witchger

Philip Wong

Marina Zhou


Comment from Professor Willy de Geyndt
These observations and impressions after two months in Denmark are interesting and show a great curiosity and...

Comment from Professor Ori Soltes
I am struck by the paradox of Strassbourg as described by Joelle. On the one hand it is a city that, historically,...

Comment from Father Stephen Fields, SJ
I'm especially struck by Samantha's putting into practice what she learned from a course that she took with me on the...

Comment from Professor Eric Langenbacher
Identity is a two-way street. Even though most recent theorizing about identity has stressed the individual's...

Comment from Professor Elizabeth Stephen
Xiaolu Liu has highlighted a very perplexing and complex issue: China in Africa. This semester I am teaching a course...

Comment from Professor Elizabeth Stephen
Matt Westlund's blog is very insightful and poses some interesting questions about France. Every country must...

Comment from Professor Jill Neuendorf
I would like to thank Alexandra for her reflective and very insightful blog. Personally, I was struck by Alexandra's...

Comment from Professor Cecily Raynor
I was pleased to read your post, Marisa, and am happy to come to know that you are learning a great deal about the...

Comment from Professor Katrin Sieg
It’s been a delight to hear from Glenn Ojeda, who is currently studying in Dakar, Senegal. I remember Glenn well from...

Comment from Professor Elizabeth Arsenault
Pat uses of one of the most visible social norms—the taboo against wearing shorts in Jordan—as the platform to...

Comment From Professor Eli McCarthy
It's quite impressive to see how the protests and government responses in this blog resembles an aura of mutual...


Junior Year Abroad Network

The Junior Year Abroad Network (JYAN) connects Georgetown students studying abroad in a variety of cultures. Students share reflections on religion, culture, politics, and society in their host countries, commenting on topics ranging from religious freedom and interfaith dialogue to secularization, globalization, democracy, and economics.
JYAN is now in its eighth year. Over 425 students have traveled to more than 50 countries on six continents, blogging about religion and society. Explore this page to read their blogs and comments. JYAN is part of the Doyle Engaging Difference Program.

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National Unity and World Cup Fervor
July 8, 2014
 Over the past few months, it has been impossible not to get swept up in the World Cup along with the rest of the world. Here in Belgium, however, I...
A Land of Many Faces
July 2, 2014
 Among all of the things that have shocked and amazed me about this country, the sheer diversity of peoples, their histories, and their...
Secularism in a Jewish State
June 23, 2014
 In Tel Aviv, a city which prides itself on its secularism, it is shockingly simple to find traces of orthodoxy. Because of this, there exists...
The Cost of an Education
June 23, 2014
 One of my favorite classes at University College Dublin (UCD), "Inequality in Irish Society," provided me with some of the most insightful lectures...
A British Education: Appreciating a More Focused Approach to Learning
June 20, 2014
 As finals draw to a close here in London, the same question plagues both my friends and me who are here from Georgetown: “How much did I actually...
Made in Italy USA
June 19, 2014
 “Hai mai visto quel programma, Seidici e Incinta?” my host mother asked me at dinner one night. I ever seen what program? I wondered. Seeing the...
The Hard Truth
June 18, 2014
 At the end of a year in Russia, I find that the most important and difficult lesson that I have learned has not been about Russia itself, but...
Affirming Europe in Germany
June 18, 2014
 For the past month and a half, it has been impossible to walk through the streets of Berlin without being assaulted by billboards from the...
Japan’s Legacy: A Peaceful People?
June 2, 2014
 A few weeks ago, my class took a field trip to the port city of Yokosuka, about an hour away from Tokyo. Although I had not heard of Yokosuka...
In the News
May 29, 2014
 One thing I have come to enjoy during my time in England is the free newspapers that are handed out morning and evening at every tube station. In...
A Turkish Dinner in Tübingen
May 29, 2014
 Germans are very conscious of their country’s past and tend to avoid making any statements that might be interpreted as prejudicial or...
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