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Michael Kessler Michael Kessler
Michael Kessler is managing director of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University, a visiting assistant professor of Government, and an adjunct professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center. He works in ethics (theological, philosophical, and political approaches), political theory, and the nexus of law, politics, and religion. Kessler received his...


Engagement with cultural and religious differences is a centerpiece of the Georgetown educational experience. The Doyle Engaging Difference Program, a collaboration with the Center for New Designs in Learning and Scholarship (CNDLS), supports Berkley Center's Doyle Seminars program, the Junior Year Abroad Program (JYAN), and Doyle student fellows.

Doyle Seminars

The Doyle Seminars foster deepened student learning about diversity and difference through enhanced research opportunities, interaction with thought leaders, and dialogue with the Georgetown community and beyond.
Eligible seminars address questions of national, social, cultural, religious, moral, and other forms of difference. Faculty receive activity funds for their course, implement a rigorous research paper requirement, and arrange for one or more guest experts to provide feedback on student research. A final report documents the research projects completed by each student. Previous seminars have addressed topics ranging from globalization and foreign policy to same-sex marriage and interfaith dialogue.

>> Shamans, Priests and Healers
Marjorie Mandelstam Balzer, Center for East European and Russian Studies and Department of Anthropology, Spring 2014
>> Peacemakers and Peacemaking
William Werpehowski, Department of Theology, Spring 2014
>> Role of Islam in Politics
Jocelyne Cesari, Senior Fellow, Department of Government, Spring 2014
>> Black Power and Black Theology of Liberation
Terrence L. Johnson, Research Fellow, Spring 2014
>> Jesuits and Globalization
José Casanova, Senior Fellow, Department of Sociology, Fall 2013
>> Economics, Morality, and Law: Justice in a Global Order
Michael Kessler, Managing Director, Department of Government and Law Center, Fall 2013
>> Literature, Media, Social Change
Henry Schwarz, Department of English, Fall 2013
>> Immigration in the United States
Katherine Benton-Cohen, Department of History, Fall 2013
>> Jazz, Civil Rights and American Society
Maurice Jackson, Department of History, Fall 2013
>> Judaism Under Crescent and Cross
Jonathan Ray, Department of Theology, Fall 2013
>> Interstellar Relations: The Politics Of Speculative Fiction
Daniel Nexon, Department of Government, Spring 2013
>> Gender and Performance
Natsu Onoda Power, Department of Performing Arts, Spring 2013
>> Heresy and Authority in the Middle Ages
David J. Collins, Department of History, Spring 2013
>> The Poetics of Emotion in Medieval Literature and Culture: A Global Perspective
Sarah McNamer, Department of English, Spring 2013
>> The University as a Design Problem: Redesigning Georgetown for the Global Century
Randall Bass, Office of the Provost, Spring 2013
>> Law, Ethics, and Politics: The Case of Marriage
Michael Kessler, Managing Director, Department of Government and Law Center, Fall 2012
>> International History
Bryan McCann, Department of History, Fall 2012
>> Jesus Christ in a Pluralistic Age
Leo Lefebure, Department of Theology, Fall 2012
>> Culture and Globalization
Gwendolyn Mikell, Department of Anthropology, Fall 2012
>> Peacebuilding Strategies
Eric Patterson, Research Fellow, Spring 2012
>> Law, Religion, and Liberty of Conscience
Michael Kessler, Managing Director, Department of Government and Law Center, Fall 2011
>> The Future of Track-Two Diplomacy
Eric Patterson, Research Fellow, Spring 2011
>> Business, Values, and Law: Forging a New Dialogue
Michael Kessler, Managing Director, Department of Government and Law Center, Spring 2011
>> When Cultural and Religious Diversity Meets the Global Market
Patricia Hewlin, McDonough School of Business, Spring 2010
>> New Social Media and Intercultural and Interreligious Understanding
Michael Nelson, Communication, Culture, and Technology, Spring 2010
>> Interreligious Marriage
Chester Gillis, Dean of Georgetown College, Spring 2009
>> Religious Lobbies in US Politics
Clyde Wilcox, Department of Government, Spring 2008
>> Religion and Global Development
Marilyn McMorrow, School of Foreign Service, Spring 2007


Religious Advocates: A Force in US Politics?

January 30, 2008
The 2007 Berkley Center Undergraduate Fellows Report entitled "Religious Advocates: A Force in US Politics?" was launched Wednesday, January 30, 2008 at the Berkley Center. The launch included a discussion of the report from Professors Jonathan Ladd and Clyde Wilcox of the Department of Government at Georgetown University as well as Mark Rozell, professor of Public Policy at George Mason University. The event was moderated by project leaders and co-authors Jenna Cossman (COL '09) and Todd Wintner (SFS '08). The 2007 Undergraduate Fellows Program gave a select group of ten Georgetown undergraduates the resources to study the role of religious advocacy groups in US politics. Under the direction of Professor Wilcox, the Fellows spent the 2007 academic year defining their research agenda, collecting data on key issues relevant to the field of religious advocacy, and interviewing over 40 prominent religious advocacy organizations around the country.