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Doyle Seminars 2017 Cohort

Doyle Seminars are small, upper-level classes that foster dialogue on diversity and difference through student research and co-curricular learning. Part of the Doyle Engaging Difference Program, Doyle Seminars focus on a range of topics addressing critical questions of national, social, cultural, religious, moral, and other forms of difference. Learn more about current and previous Doyle Seminars on the Doyle website.

Denise Brennan headshot

Denise Brennan

Denise Brennan is professor and chair of the Department of Anthropology, and co-director of the Gender and Justice Initiative at Georgetown University.
Keren Hammerschlag headshot

Keren Hammerschlag

Keren Hammerschlag is an affiliate researcher with the Australian National University and the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University. From 2013 to 2018 she was an assistant teaching professor and researcher in art history and women's and gender studies at Georgetown and assistant director of its Center for Jewish Civilization.
Julia Watts Belser headshot

Julia Watts Belser

Julia Watts Belser is an associate professor of Jewish Studies in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies at Georgetown University and core faculty in Georgetown's Disability Studies Program, as well as a senior research fellow at the Berkley Center.
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