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Faith & Immunization: Past, Present and Potential Roles of Faith-Inspired Organizations

May 30, 2012

Religious communities are vital partners in the war against preventable disease, but more can be done to ensure that greater numbers of children are vaccinated. faith-inspired organizations (FIOs) can play critical roles in equity, distribution and outreach. Their resources and ability to educate and communicate with people allow them to cut through cultural concerns and reach those most in need, which will be vital to increasing the number of immunized children. This report—a joint effort with the Global Alliances for Vaccines and Immunization, the UN Foundation’s Shot@Life campaign, and WFDD—addresses remaining gaps in coverage and how governments and FIOs can build effective partnerships. It also recommends that FIOs be engaged in the roll-outs of new pneumococcal and rotavirus vaccines because of their success with health initiatives in low-income countries. 

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