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Faith Roles in Cambodia's Efforts to Counter Trafficking in Persons

October 15, 2012

This fourth WFDD report on development and faith in Cambodia focuses on faith-inspired efforts to counter trafficking in persons in Cambodia (specifically for the sex trade). Cambodia has gained considerable international publicity over the issue and a variety of religious groups have played important roles in working on the ground and giving international prominence to the cause.
This report highlights current faith-inspired efforts and initiatives as they are seen from Cambodia, and sets them within the broader, global context of debates and partnerships about poverty and equity and how faith is involved. It offers insight into how different groups view development priorities: for some trafficking is a central issue while for others it is more symptom than core issue. The debates also highlight three central issues at the nexus of faith and development: where coordination is lacking or achieved, how proselytizing arises as an issue in relation to development, and how gender issues enter into development debates.

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