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Reducing Maternal Mortality in Cambodia: Faith Dimensions

Author: Nathaniel Adams

January 17, 2014

This report, WFDD's first to focus on the public health sector in Cambodia, explores the complex linkages between faith and efforts (national and international) to reduce the country’s high maternal mortality rates. It explores the main causes of maternal mortality and highlights the deep historical roots of Cambodia’s maternal health challenges. It outlines the government’s policy response and analyzes major barriers that remain. Finally, it maps the work of faith-inspired actors that work on maternal health, exploring some distinctive initiatives more deeply through case studies.
This is the fourth in a series of WFDD thematic reviews of the many intersections of faith and development in Cambodia. It is part of larger country-level mapping exercise examining the work of faith-inspired actors in Cambodian development context begun in August 2009. It is our hope that the report will highlight lesser known work on maternal health in Cambodia and thus enrich analysis and policy dialogue on this crucial topic. We also hope to highlight opportunities for productive engagement between faith-inspired actors, the Cambodian government, and the secular development community. We welcome feedback and ideas for further research and action.

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