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Religion in Violence and Peace: Exploring inter-religious peacebuilding efforts in Kenya

Author: Crystal Corman

August 31, 2016

Kenya’s longstanding reputation as one of East Africa’s most stable countries is seriously challenged today. Increasing frequency and intensity of violent incidents threaten stability and reveal deep social and economic fault lines. 

The World Faiths Development Dialogue, with financial support from the GHR Foundation, selected Kenya for a case study to identify and better understand the roles religion plays in building peace, with particular attention to inter-religious relations and collaboration. Kenya offers a unique case given its dynamic peace and development sectors, complex religious landscape, and the longstanding engagement of religious actors in peace work. This in-depth country-level analysis aims at better understanding contextual dynamics, key actors and their networks, collaborative strategies, and other information valuable to both faith-inspired and secular actors interested in peace and stability in the country and region.

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