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Intercultural and Interreligious Dialogue

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Interfaith and intercultural dialogue have the potential to bring people from across religious traditions and diverse cultures together around shared social and political challenges. These resources highlight the perspectives of religious leaders, scholars, activists, writers, and students working across differences to learn from others and accomplish shared goals.

Our Experts

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David Hollenbach

Senior Fellow
Walsh School of Foreign Service and Department of Theology and Religious Studies

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Katherine Marshall

Senior Fellow
Walsh School of Foreign Service, Executive Director of the World Faiths Development Dialogue

Project Spotlight

Christian and Muslim Men Talking at Building Bridges 2011

The Building Bridges Seminar

The Building Bridges Seminar brings together internationally recognized Christian and Muslim scholars for intensive study. Texts from the Christian and Islamic scriptures plus theological reflections and significant documents become the basis for discussion in public lectures and private sessions.

Current and Past Projects

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Doyle Global Dialogue

Doyle Global Dialogue students write reflections and create social media content on their interreligious and intercultural experiences abroad, and they provide feedback on the reflections of their colleagues around the world.
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Doyle Undergraduate Fellows Program

Part of the Doyle Engaging Difference Program, the Doyle Undergraduate Fellows program brings together faculty and students to foster student engagement with difference through scholarship and intercultural dialogue on campus, in the DC community, and around the world.

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Discover the firsthand experiences of faith leaders, activists, and peacebuilding practitioners working on issues ranging from development and education to conflict resolution and foreign policy.

For over a decade, Berkley Center scholars and students have been conducting interviews with individuals working at the intersection of religion and world affairs. These discussions offer unique insights into the inner workings of a wide spectrum of professions touched by religion with interviewees ranging from the highest levels of leadership of international organizations to on-the-ground practitioners. Explore individual interviews here or follow links to our interview collections below:

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