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2015 World Sports Values Summit Report

December 1, 2015

The fourth World Sports Values Summit was held in Cape Town in November 2015. The annual summits focus on the extraordinary role that sports can play in human life, bringing disparate peoples together and advancing cooperation, development, and peace. The 2015 summit focused on the crucial role that sports play in Africa’s development, as a great equalizer and an instrument for building unity and promoting reconciliation. The summit built on the legacy of Nelson Mandela, who understood the power of sport in community and nation building. The athletes and leaders involved brought direct experience of what can be achieved, highlighting promising practices. The summit was supported by Worldwide Support for Development and the International Sports Promotion Society. Haruhisa Handa, Lord Moynihan, and Katherine Marshall lead the summits, joined by Sir Timothy O'Shea (University of Edinburgh) and Max Price (University of Cape Town) for the 2015 summit. Georgetown SFS students Sadibou Sylla and Ashley Johnson were among a group of young leaders integral to the summit.  

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