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Interfaith Journeys: An exploration of history, ideas, and future directions

Author: Katherine Marshall

February 23, 2017

Interfaith initiatives reflect many social and religious ideals, but they respond above all to the cruel violence, tensions, and polarization of our times. Interfaith efforts seek immediate action to confront threats and they address root causes of tensions, especially those that touch on religious beliefs and practices. They work to realize the potential richness of plural societies and to breathe life into human rights. Interfaith work seeks strength in shared values and goals and explores ways to bridge deep social and political divides. 

This project explored the complex landscape of initiatives that involve interfaith, multifaith, intrafaith, and other purposeful efforts involving dialogue and action with a religious inspiration. The initiatives are bewildering in their diversity and in their response to forces of change. The report thus introduces a complex field and takes stock of institutions, successes, and challenges. It offers a map of the history, intellectual foundations, and major features and actors involved in interfaith work. And it sets out, and solicits, ideas on priority areas for future action.

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