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Corruption and Good Governance

Fighting corruption and promoting good governance calls for pragmatic, technical approaches and effective organization. Values, ethics, and morality also must be involved. These developments highlight the important roles that religious communities and leaders can play in anti-corruption efforts. 


Policy Brief February 28, 2020

The Impact of Ethnic and Religious Diversity on Nigeria's Development Priorities

Nigeria’s complex and dynamic religious institutions are deeply engaged in debates about national and local development priorities and in both policy formulation and program execution. Many contributions are positive, but interreligious tensions and weak links between religious and development actors undermine the ideal of complementary contributions.

Report October 1, 2015

Faith and Development in Focus: Bangladesh

This report provides an historical and contemporary overview of Bangladesh's diverse faith landscape and explores the social dimensions of religious practice, as well as ‘maps’ the contributions of faith-inspired organizations on critical development challenges.

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