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Historically Guatemala was a predominantly Catholic country, but over the last 30 years Pentecostalism has thrived. Visionary 1996 peace accords that engaged religious actors offered the promise of progress after decades of war. However, persistent social inequality, environmental degradation, institutional instability, and high levels of violence present important challenges. Religious institutions are a vital part of Guatemala’s polity, society, and economy and thus of prospects for peace and development.


Policy Brief August 31, 2017

Guatemala: Religion and Policy Intertwined

The brief draws from the report "Faith and Development in Focus: Guatemala" to provide an overview of Guatemala's religious communities and highlights the contributions of faith-inspired development.

Report March 31, 2017

Faith and Development in Focus: Guatemala

Guatemala is grappling with questions involving values that underlie its development strategies and policies. This report provides an overview of Guatemala’s religious landscape—its history, contemporary institutions, and the dynamics of change— all in relation to major issues for development.