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"Faith and International Family Planning" Report Launch

February 10, 2014

World Faiths Development Dialogue launched the report “Faith and International Family Planning,” on February 10, 2014. The launch took place at the Pew Charitable Trusts DC Conference Center, with 60 people in attendance. A panel of international development and health practitioners responded to the report’s findings and discussed the important roles faith actors play in providing family planning, as well as the challenges they continue to face. Panelists included: Karen Sichinga, executive director of the Churches Health Association of Zambia; Azza Karam, senior advisor on culture at the United Nations Population Fund; Ray Martin, executive director of Christian Connections for International Health; and Katherine Marshall, executive director of WFDD. The panel was moderated by the Rev. Gary Hall, Dean of the Washington National Cathedral. WFDD prepared this report with support from the Universal Access Project.

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