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Peace and Development

Sustainable development is threatened by insecurity and violence, encouraging wider engagement in the fields of peace and development in working to build stability and resilience. Faith actors play various roles in peacebuilding, conflict, post-conflict reconstruction, development activities, and social cohesion.

Programs and Projects

AHA! Awareness with Human Action

AHA! Awareness with Human Action

AHA! (Awareness with Human Action) is a European Union funded consortium project, with WFDD and seven other international and national partner organizations, led by the Network of Religious and Traditional Peacemakers. The project focuses on COVID-19…

World Sports Values for Peace and Development

World Sports Values for Peace and Development

Sports captures energies and imaginations; it also highlights core values that are often universal. Sports is thus a powerful tool for the critical global goals of peace and development. The World Sports Values Program has organized international…


January 30, 2024

Catholic Sisters: Their Work and Focus on Building Peace

This report shines a light on a distinctive category of women peacebuilders, Catholic sisters, who share many challenges and assets of both religious peacebuilders and women and work with specific identities and organizational setups that merit a closer look.

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