Women, Religion, Violence, and Peace: Illuminating What’s Not Seen

October 6, 2015
12:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. EDT
Location: Berkley Center Third floor conference room Map

Today’s violent conflicts and extremism of many kinds center on women, too often as victims. And the work women do for peace and their agendas are often ignored. Greater understanding is needed among policymakers and scholars, especially as to how religious beliefs, practices, and institutions shape attitudes toward violence against women and toward women's peacebuilding roles.
The Berkley Center's Katherine Marshall highlighted her journey to shine light on the often unseen women working for peace with religious inspiration, recounted in Women, Religion, and Peacebuilding: Illuminating the Unseen. Chicago Theological Seminary's Susan Thistlethwaite shared insights from her new book, Women's Bodies as Battlefield: Christian Theology and the Global War on Women, on how this “unseen work” must become both more visible and central in global movements to prevent and reduce global violence, especially violence against women. José Casanova served as a discussant.

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