A Tribute to Jean Bethke Elshtain

By: Thomas Farr

August 19, 2013

The Religious Freedom Project mourns the passing of our dear friend and associated scholar Jean Bethke Elshtain. Jean's contributions to just war theory, gender and politics, the political thought of Saint Augustine and the relationship between virtue and societal flourishing were, quite literally, peerless. Her life-long work in those fields, combined with her ground-breaking synthesis of political theory and religious studies, helped lay the foundation on which the Religious Freedom Project has been built.

We were privileged to have Jean Elshtain as a member of our Religious Freedom Project team. As an RFP scholar she provided deep and capacious insights on toleration and proselytism, religious freedom and religious extremism, and the broader relationship between faith and politics. All of us at the Religious Freedom Project will miss her towering intellect and delightful wit, but most of all the sweetness of her gentle and generous soul. Requiescat in Pace.