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Religion fundamentally shapes the way individuals see the world, their role in society, and the roles of others in their communities. For many artists, religion inspires their imagination and becomes a theme in their work. These resources look at how faith, belief, and religious principles influence and occupy modern American and global artists, including novelists, filmmakers, and poets.

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American Pilgrimage Project Conversations

Drawing on the scholarly resources of Georgetown University and the documentary approach pioneered by StoryCorps, the American Pilgrimage Project invites Americans of diverse backgrounds to sit together and talk to each other one-to-one about theā€¦


Book September 18, 2012

Reinventing Bach

Reinventing Bach (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, September 2012) tells the story of the transformation of the music of J.S. Bach through the encounters of modern musicians with new recording technology, from the phonograph and the LP to the CD and the MP3 file.