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The Berkley Center houses experts across a variety of issues at the intersection of religion and world affairs. Find contact information for media requests, as well as resources for background information and commentary on current issues below.

Our Experts

Thomas Banchoff headshot

Thomas Banchoff

Areas of Expertise:

Ethical and religious issues in world politics, including pluralism, diplomacy, and the role of the Catholic Church

José Casanova headshot

José Casanova

Areas of Expertise:

Religion and globalization (particularly the Catholic Church/Jesuits), migration and religious pluralism, transnational religions, sociological theory

Shaun Casey headshot

Shaun Casey

Areas of Expertise:

Religion in U.S. foreign policy and international politics, ethics and political theology, role of religion in American presidential politics

Jocelyne Cesari headshot

Jocelyne Cesari

Areas of Expertise:

Islam, Middle Eastern and world politics, political Islam, violence and peace, religion and gender in politics

Drew Christiansen headshot

Drew Christiansen

Areas of Expertise:

Nuclear disarmament, nonviolence and just peacemaking, Catholic social teaching, ecumenical public advocacy, religion and climate change, the Catholic Church and China

Paul Elie headshot

Paul Elie

Areas of Expertise:

Intersection of religion with literature, art, music, film, and culture; the Catholic Church in the United States

David Hollenbach headshot

David Hollenbach

Areas of Expertise:

Human rights, refugees and migration, ethics, Catholicism and religious freedom, Catholics in public life and U.S./international politics, Catholic social thought, political and public theology

Michael Kessler headshot

Michael Kessler

Areas of Expertise:

Theology, philosophical and religious ethics, law and religion (globally and in the U.S. constitutional context)

Peter Mandaville headshot

Peter Mandaville

Areas of Expertise:

Religious authority and social movements in the Muslim world, political Islam, Middle East, Islam in Europe and the United States

Katherine Marshall headshot

Katherine Marshall

Areas of Expertise:

Global development (especially Africa, South Asia, and Latin America), religion and gender, peacebuilding and dialogue

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please contact Communications Manager Amy Vander Vliet.

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