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Pulitzer Center International Reporting Fellowship

As part of our collaboration with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, the Berkley Center selects one Georgetown student annually to receive the Pulitzer Center International Reporting Fellowship.

Pulitzer Center International Reporting Fellowship projects should investigate or illuminate the religious dimension of an international issue, bringing to light what is often overlooked, untold, or misunderstood. Working closely with the Pulitzer Center, recipients will build on their project proposal and decide on storytelling strategies and a plan of deliverables. Deliverables could include a combination of articles, photography, audio, video, or other medium through which to convey the reporting to be published on the Pulitzer Center website. Recipients are encouraged to seek other outlets for their work, though these need not be included in the initial project proposal. 

Pulitzer Center staff members provide editorial support as students turn their reporting into publishable material and assist with helping students establish deadlines. The Pulitzer Center also pairs the reporting fellow with a professional journalist who has been a Pulitzer Center grantee and can offer the student advice, whether about the region where the student is traveling or on the subject matter of the reporting (or both in some cases). Additionally, the Pulitzer Center hosts an annual fellows’ weekend in Washington, DC, to expose fellowship recipients to the work of other fellows, provide an opportunity to network with professional journalists and editors, and further broaden horizons.

Fellowship recipients are required to adhere to the Pulitzer Center’s Ethics and Standards Policy throughout the reporting project. The fellow will be expected to complete work associated with the fellowship by the end of August 2020. The Pulitzer Center will disburse half of the fellowship funds when the fellow submits necessary paperwork and shows travel/flight arrangements and half upon submission of all agreed-upon deliverables (articles, photos, etc.).

Up to $3,000 is available for field reporting for summer 2020. See here for full application details

The fellowship is part of a collaboration between the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting. Learn about past Pulitzer Center student fellows and their projects here.

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