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Girls and Boys Lining Up for School in Berahile, Ethiopia

The advancement of gender equality and LGBTQ rights remains at the forefront of human rights agendas around the globe. These materials examine a broad spectrum of gender issues, focusing in particular on how religion and religious organizations promote or hinder women’s rights, and how women of faith are shaping peacebuilding, democratic movements, and other social and political issues.

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Jocelyne Cesari

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Katherine Marshall

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Walsh School of Foreign Service, Executive Director of the World Faiths Development Dialogue

Project Spotlight

Kenya Catholic Sisters Convening 2022

Women Faith Leaders Fellowship 2023-2024 Cohort

The pilot phase of the Women Faith Leaders Fellowship included an initial cohort of 10 sisters from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Fellows elevated their leadership skills through a variety of interactions with leading policymakers and scholars.

Current and Past Projects

Muslim Women Protestors

Islam, Gender, and Democracy

The relationship between secularism, democracy, religion, and gender equality remains a complex and contested issue across Western countries. When we turn to Muslim countries, the situation is even more multifaceted. For many Western commentators…
White Woman Hugging Daughter

Women, Religion, and the Family

During 2014 and 2015 the Berkley Center and the World Faiths Development Dialogue asked women and men from various faith traditions to share their experiences and opinions about religion's impact on the family in the form of blogs and interviews.

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March 6, 2024

Catholic Sisters Working To Eradicate Human Trafficking (Video)

Duration: 1 hours 5 minutes

October 11, 2023

Competing Understandings of Islamic Codes Pertaining to Women in the Arab World (Video)

Duration: 1 hours 17 minutes

May 22, 2023

Gender, Religion, and Forced Migration (Video)

Duration: 1 hours 22 minutes


Brochure June 27, 2024

Women Faith Leaders Fellowship 2024-2025 Brochure

The Women Faith Leaders Fellowship is a 10-month professional fellowship that cultivates leadership and advocacy skills among Catholic sisters in Africa, accompanying them in their work to champion progress for women and girls.

Blog Posts


Discover the firsthand experiences of faith leaders, activists, and peacebuilding practitioners working on issues ranging from development and education to conflict resolution and foreign policy.

For over a decade, Berkley Center scholars and students have been conducting interviews with individuals working at the intersection of religion and world affairs. These discussions offer unique insights into the inner workings of a wide spectrum of professions touched by religion with interviewees ranging from the highest levels of leadership of international organizations to on-the-ground practitioners. Explore individual interviews here or follow links to our interview collections below:

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