How to Write a Non-Profit Press Release

This is a guideline for how to write press releases for non-profit organizations. Press releases can be very helpful in spreading the word about community service or interfaith-related events.

Basic Elements of a Non-Profit Press Release

1. When the release can be distributed: Usually, the release will carry the words, FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE. This can be put above or below the headline and can be on either side of page

2. Headline: Centered across top of organization's letterhead or special news release stationery

3. Organizational info: Can go above the headline or below. Usually appears on the left side.

  • Name of Organization
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Website URL

4. Contact information Can go above or below headline, and on the right or left side of the page.

  • Name (can be a person's name or a generic place such as "the Public Affairs ​ Department")
  • Email address of person or department
  • Phone Number (include office phone and cell phone numbers)

5. Format:

  • Place, day, date (starts the first line of release) ​
  • Body of release
  • Boilerplate information about the nonprofit organization
  • Repeat contact information And/or offer to provide someone to interview.
  • ### (These marks are centered just below the content of the release and signal the end of the release)

Sample Nonprofit Press Release Outline:

Contact Person Organization Name Voice Phone Number Email Address Website URL


[City], [State], [Date] - The first paragraph. Begin your press release with a two sentence paragraph that provides a quick overview of the news why it is important. It should read easily and make your news sound exciting to a general audience.

Next, provide some background information on the program or event. Make sure to write your release in terms that your target audience, and the general public will understand.

Your text should explain the purpose of your event and intrigue the reader to find out more, visit your website, contact you for more information.

The final paragraph should be a brief description of your student organization. Include a summary of other events or happenings and a brief history of the company. Also include "For more information, contact:" as the last sentence.


(Indicates Press Release is finished)

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