A Conversation on Diagnosing and Treating American Racism

Featuring Reverend Ken Bedell

In his latest book, Realizing the Civil Rights Dream: Diagnosing and Treating American Racism (2017), Ken Bedell argues that American society has not moved beyond white supremacy, suggesting that the ideal of “equality for all” primarily benefits white society and culture. Through examining our failure, Bedell offers hope and a model for cultural change, which includes identifying the goals for a twenty-first century civil rights movement and defining the role of the academy in combating racism.

Drawing on his lifetime of experience as a scholar, minister, and Department of Education administrator, author Ken Bedell led a lunchtime discussion about the crisis of racism in America, addressing questions such as: Why is it so difficult to make civil rights a reality for all Americans? And how can we fulfill the dream of full participation for all in America's future?

This event was sponsored by the Religion, Ethics, and World Affairs Certificate Program.

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