Africa's Holy Healers: A Lunchtime Beyond the Broadcast Discussion with America Abroad Media

Sub-Saharan Africa is a religious place. It's also riddled with disease. AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis prey upon Africa's faithful, often in the prime of their lives. Anemic public health systems can't carry the cross, so medical missionaries step into the valleys of death. They are welcomed by a continent where prayer and pills often go hand in hand, and they provide some of the best health care in Africa. But sometimes doctrine overrules doctor's orders, and that can leave patients in limbo. America Abroad Media (AAM) and the Berkley Center held an in-depth discussion of "Africa's Holy Healers," AAM's one-hour public radio documentary on religion and public health in Africa. Released in June 2010, "Africa's Holy Healers" has been broadcast on public radio stations nationwide and is available online.

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