Confucianism in China Today

April 14, 2011
12:00 p.m. - 1:30 p.m. EDT
Location: Berkley Center Third Floor Conference Room Map

The last several years have seen an official revival of Confucianism in China. President Hu Jintao has developed the idea of a "Harmonious Socialist Society," drawing on Confucian ideas. The government has set up a network of cultural Confucius Institutes around the world. And earlier this year, a statue of Confucius was erected in Tiananmen Square. How extensive is the Confucian revival and what are its contours? What is its cultural, religious, and political significance? Dr. Li Yiu, a postdoctoral fellow at the Berkley Center and executive director of Center for Study of Religion and Society at Shanghai University, addressed these questions.

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