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Ali Tariq


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Ali Tariq is an editor and consultant at the Iqbal International Institute for Research & Dialogue at the International Islamic University (IIU) in Islamabad, Pakistan. His research interests include Islamic education, madrasa reforms, Qur’anic exegesis, hadith, and Arabic literature. He served as a teaching and research associate in IIU's Islamic Research Institute. Tariq has taught English, classical and modern Arabic literature, Qur’anic exegesis, hadith, and Islamic law in a madrasa. He has been involved in the Scriptural Reasoning Program at Cambridge University, a program enabling young Pakistani scholars to visit the United States through the State Department, and in hosting interreligious work in Pakistan with students at IIU and other universities. Tariq was a participant in the International Higher Education Interfaith Leadership Forum. He completed the equivalent to a master’s degree in Arabic and Islamic studies at Jamia Islamia Imdadia, an institute of classical Islamic learning, and a master’s degree in English literature.