Alvaro Ramazzini

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Msgr. Alvaro Ramazzini was appointed the bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Huehuetenango, Guatemala, in May 2012 after serving as bishop of the Diocese of San Marcos from 1988 through 2012. Ramazzini was ordained in 1971 and has served as president of the Bishops’ Secretariat of Central America. He holds a Doctorate in Canon Law from Pontifical Gregorian University and has taught at the Major Seminary of Guatemala. Ramazzini has fought to end the unjust land tenure system in western Guatemala, arguing it disfavors the poor and limits social mobility. He has also widely promoted the Recovery of Historical Memory Project in San Marcos and in 2005 testified before the US House International Relations Committee Sub-committee on the Western Hemisphere regarding the negative impact of free trade policies on the poor. As a result of his advocacy, Ramazzini's life has been threatened several times; he has also received numerous awards, including the Pacem in Terrice Peace and Freedom Award.
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