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Erika B. Seamon


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Erika B. Seamon is a visiting assistant professor in Georgetown's American Studies Program and specializes in the role of religious pluralism in American public life. Her research centers primarily on marriage and education, two arenas that not only take different forms in different religious communities, but also straddle secular-religious and public-private aspects of American life. Her book Interfaith Marriage in America: The Transformation of Religion and Christianity (2012) explores the historical foundations as well as contemporary dynamics of religious intermarriage in the United States. Seamon’s recent journal articles include: “Protecting Religious Liberty” in Oxford’s Journal of Church & State and “A Healthy Tension? The Encounter of Religious Society and Secular Law in American Political Life” in Forum Mission. She holds degrees in theological and religious studies, social and public policy, and business administration. Seamon previously was a partner at Kuczmarski & Associates, Inc. and taught at the University of Chicago.
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