Fariyal Ross-Sheriff

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Dr. Fariyal Ross-Sheriff is a graduate professor and the Director of Ph.D. degree Program in Social Work at Howard University. Her area of specialization is displaced populations. These populations include two major groups: refugees, immigrants and undocumented migrants, and the homeless and disaster victims within the U.S. Within displaced populations Dr. Ross-Sheriff's work emphasizes women, children and the elderly. With Dr. R.A. English, she has developed the Masters of Social Work degree level specialization in Social Work with Displaced Populations. She has taught in this specialization area for sixteen years. Dr. Ross-Sheriff has worked extensively with Muslim refugees in Pakistan to examine the challenges facing refugees and service providers, and in Afghanistan to facilitate the repatriation and resettlement of refugees. In addition, she has conducted research on the role of women in the repatriation process.
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