Heng Monychenda

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Heng Monychenda is the founding director of Buddhism For Development and is widely recognized as a leader in the socially-engaged Buddhism movement in Cambodia. Amid the complex political climate of the 1990s Monychenda was the principal architect and leader for a series of annual national workshops on peace and development; these meetings, especially one entitled “Put down the Gun Take up the Dharma,” drew hundreds of participants from political and military groups and were instrumental in promoting a Buddhist “middle path” in national dialogues and reconciliation. As a Buddhist monk for 17 years (1980-97), he worked in a refugee camp along Cambodian-Thai border to bring innovative and effective social programs to the Khmer community. Monychenda received training in management skills at the Klausenhoff Academy, Germany in 1989, and earned a master’s degree in public administration from John F. Kennedy School of Government in 1998.
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