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Jacky Manuputty


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Jacky Manuputty is the co-founder of the Maluku Interfaith Institution for Humanitarian Action (LAIM) in Indonesia, which creates institutional capacity-building programs, develops positive public discourse, and builds a network of pluralistic conflict prevention observers. Using a multi-level stakeholder approach, LAIM builds interfaith peace groups of journalists, women, religious leaders, and students. In its live-in program, clergy members spend nights in each other’s homes to build trust and work together to solve social problems in the country. Manuputty and his colleagues have developed a peace curriculum, an interfaith peace sermon program, and a trauma healing program. When violence flared in Indonesia in 2011, Manuputty worked to form groups of youth "Peace Provocateurs," whose social media campaigns were widely recognized for their success in limiting the scope of the conflicts and preventing them from spreading. Manuputty was a participant in Hartford Seminary’s International Peacemaking Program and in the International Higher Education Interfaith Leadership Forum.