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Lian Gogali


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Lian (Nerlin) Gogali is the founder of Institute Mosintuwu, which she established in 2008 after being inspired by the stories of various women who remained committed to acts of peace amid the conflict and interreligious violence in her home community of Poso in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Institute Mosintuwu is a school specifically for women of all religious backgrounds to come together and learn the important role they play in creating and maintaining peace and preventing violence in their communities. For her work and success with the Institute Mosintuwu, Gogali has received the Coexist Prize from the Coexist Foundation in 2012. Gogali has also published The Poso Conflict: Voices of Women and Children Towards Reconciliation and Remembrance (2009). She was a participant in the International Higher Education Interfaith Leadership Forum.
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