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Marilyn McMorrow

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Marilyn McMorrow, R.S.C.J., is a visiting assistant professor in the School of Foreign Service and has been at Georgetown since 1992. She is an expert on political and normative theory of international relations. She teaches courses in the Government Department and the School of Foreign Service that focus on the political theory of international relations and on ethical analysis of urgent moral problems in world politics, such as human rights violations, absolute poverty and hunger, justifiable and unjustifiable resort to force, plight of refugees and migrants, and environmental rescue and repair. McMorrow also taught a class supported through the Berkley Center's Doyle Seminars project. In addition, she researches the role of the Nobel Peace Prize in world politics. McMorrow is the author of Not By Bread Alone: Deprivation, Subsistence Rights, and Obligation in International Society (forthcoming). She is a Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. McMorrow has a B.A. from Lone Mountain College, M.A. from the University of Maryland, and Ph.D. from Princeton University.