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Seyda Rokhaya Ibrahima Niass


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Seyda Rokhaya Ibrahima Niass is a prominent Islamic scholar from Senegal, born in 1930. Her role as a woman religious leader is rare. Her book Huquq Al Marati Al Islam (Rights of Women in Islam) was published locally in Senegal in 1975, with a recent English translation. Niass has been advocating for women’s rights and for greater inclusion of women in leadership positions within her Muslim religious community (the Niassenes) for fifty years. Her commitment to this issue came from her personal experience as one of the great women of a great religious family. She is the daughter of Sheikh-al Islam Al Hajj Ibrahim Niass and sister of the former Grand Khalifa of the Tijaniyya Sufi Order, Sheikh Ahmed Tijani Niass.
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