25 Days of Service: A Commitment to Community and Collaboration

March 25, 2013

This post was adapted from a speech given by Taylor Griffin, Georgetown College Class of 2014, who is a Patrick Healy Fellow and served as the Chair of 25 Days of Service.

25 Days of Service is in its fifth year of existence and, over the course of its 5 years, over 100 different clubs and organizations on campus have participated. Created with the Jesuit value of being men and women for others, 25 Days of Service was started by two Patrick Healy Fellows with a goal to unite with the greater DC community through community service, but more importantly, bridge the gaps within our Georgetown community.
In the fall of 2012, 47 organizations participated in over 20 different service projects and successfully completed 25 days of community service, while bridging the gap within the Georgetown community. Everyone in the Georgetown community comes from so many different backgrounds, interests, and passions, and 25 Days serves as a medium through which people within our own Hoya community can connect to one another. This fall, the Mexican Student Association worked with the Hawaiian Club, the Georgetown Scholarship paired with the Pep Band, and MEChA worked with the Vietnamese Student Association. They worked on projects including Toya Saxa, working at the DC Central Kitchen, making sandwiches for the homeless, creating goodie baskets for Leo’s workers, participating in the AIDS Walk, bake sales, and holding a college panel for high school students.

Georgetown students warmed the heart of an orphaned child in Pakistan, who now sleeps at night with a teddy bear made by a Hoya. They made Leo’s workers feel appreciated for all the hard work they do serving us food daily. And, members of our community contributed to helping fight for a cure for AIIDS so that the 15,000 people in DC who have AIDS get closer to having a cure for their disease.

It’s quite an accomplishment for all of us here that we were able to gather enough people on this campus to participate in 25 consecutive days of community service. This is no small feat. I hope friendships were made and that some of your organizations will work together again in the future.
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25 Days of Service: A Commitment to Community and Collaboration