A Capella and Baked Goods Serve Georgetown Pediatrics

October 27, 2011

For this event, the women of Adelfi and the a capella group The Saxatones pulled together on our different strengths to support Georgetown Pediatrics. Adelfi baked a variety of cookies and brownies and the Saxatones brought their vocal talent. While they sang a collection of their songs, Adelfi was able to sell baked goods and accept donations while The Saxatones sang.
This casual concert and bake sale can easily be connected to Georgetown's Challenge Goals. A concert like this ties together all of the students, regardless of faith, by highlighting everything a Georgetown students need: a time to relax and food. There is no doubt that Georgetown is a stressful school and in the midst of midterms, a study break at 10pm is exactly what students need.

Before the Saxatones sang and while Adelfi was selling baked goods, we also explained that the money would be donated to Georgetown Pediatrics. Regardless of how many midterms people had this week or papers due, it was a humbling experience to realize that there are kids that are very ill, on the other side of campus.

Adelfi has worked with Georgetown Pediatrics for around a year now. Last semester, our contact, Linda Kim, told us how excited she was to create a school within Georgetown Pediatrics. However, due to some financial restraints, the progress has been delayed.

Adelfi was so excited that the Saxatones were also excited to be able to donate our money from 25 days of service to Pediatrics. When this event first began, I thought our community service was only towards Pediatrics.

However, while Pediatrics was still a focal point, during the event I realized that we were also performing service to the stressed out students that were working diligently in Lauinger Library. Something as simple as homemade cookies (I would like to think on par with how their mothers bake) and a set of favorite songs can really boost morale. The number of smiles I saw on peoples faces after they bit into a freshly baked brownie or tapping their toes to a favorite song was really magical on a Monday night.

This blog entry was submitted by Adelfi and the Saxatones, groups participating in the Patrick Healy Fellowship's 25 Days of Service, a President's Interfaith Challenge student partner.
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