Ashia Boyce on GU Women of Color and GU Lecture Fund at DC Central Kitchen

October 24, 2011

On October 10, 2011, the Lecture Fund group joined forces with Georgetown University Women of Color to serve the community and fight hunger in the DC area at DC Central Kitchen downtown. At DCCK, they process massive amounts of food to deliver to shelters, schooling systems, and other vendors.
On that particular day, they received a large shipment of apples to be washed, peeled, cored, and quartered in order to make various dishes such as applesauce, baked goods, baked apples, or simple fresh fruit. We assisted the kitchen staff for approximately 3 hours after a quick orientation.

This event connects perfectly with the Georgetown Challenge Goals, especially the third goal. This goal begins with "Strengthen Georgetown University's ties with the local community." We selected this project because it directly and actively affects our DC community. Stepping outside the university gates allowed us to foster a relationship with a community group who helps DC with a huge problem of hunger.

I loved working with these groups at DC Central Kitchen. It was amazing to be able to work in the kitchen and see our results firsthand. Peeling apples may not be the most glamorous of jobs; however, the product of doing so is irreplaceable. The apples that we were washing, coring, peeling, and quartering would eventually feed thousands whether homeless or in a school cafeteria. It was a great project that I would recommend everyone take part in during their time in DC!

It is important to serve the community whenever possible and 25 Days of Service at Georgetown is a particularly great way to foster the spirit of service within student groups and leaders. It is incredibly necessary to help those who cannot help themselves, which is why we chose to serve at DC Central Kitchen.

We processed hundreds of pounds of apples that would eventually feed many of DC's homeless as well as provide healthy options in DC's public schools. We must step back from our own lives and realize that others need our help much more than we may think. 25 Days of Service is a great way to express this through action.
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