Bring on the Books

By: Sohale Sizar

February 15, 2013

Books build a friendship with the soul; console us when we are in pain; laugh with us when we are in joy. Whatever the emotion, whatever the feeling, books embed their existence in the deepest chambers of our hearts.
I grew up in a homogenous neighborhood, and school was tough—being the only brown person made it challenging. It was hard to make friends. So I sought refuge with what always would make me smile: faith and books. As a child, I was taught that God loves His children. That He cares for them and watches over them. So I believed that God would help me—and He did. He helped me through books. For me, books took me to a different world where I didn’t have to worry about school. There was a consolation in reading as if my soul was being born anew. And that’s when my love for books started.

Books transformed my existence, bringing me to a plane where Intellect and Love could be realized. I found that reading is the process of giving life to expressions and symbols, words and feeling. Growing up, I realized this. And later I realized that others might not be as blessed as I was. That didn’t sit well with me because it just isn’t right. It’s not fair that others have to suffer in silence. So I decided to make it right one step at a time. That’s when the Bring on the Books Drive was born.

A registered non-profit and a Georgetown University initiative, over seven years Bring on the Books has raised half a million dollars worth of books for children in Pittsburgh, D.C., Philadelphia, and other urban centers across the nation.

This year the Bring on the Books Drive is looking to infuse greater love in the drive by expanding the drive throughout the D.C. area. Bring on the Books is still asking the Georgetown community to donate gently used and new children’s books (0-15 years old). Books can be dropped of at the Georgetown University Bookstore, as well as the Corp locations: Lauinger Library Midnight Mug, Sellinger Uncommon Grounds, and ICC MUG. The book drive will be held from February 13th to April 5th (Lent). The donated books will be going to D.C. Reads (a youth tutoring program) and D.C. public schools.

This is a moment of transcendence; a moment for loving one another. And we hope you will join us and donate books for students in D.C. public schools.

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Bring on the Books