Bringing Students Together with SAC Fair

November 8, 2011

SAC Fair is Georgetown's annual student activities fair, held in early September of each year. This year's event brought together over 200 student-led organizations and attracted approximately 2,000 interested students, many of whom are in their first year at Georgetown. Students at SAC Fair receive information, eat free food, and sign up for mailing lists from a variety of clubs that spark their interest.

This event speaks to Georgetown's goals by bringing together student groups of a variety of faiths with both wider and more narrow followings on campus. Students who are interested or even just curious have a chance to meet group leaders and are invited to attend events or receive more information. Groups that attended this year's SAC Fair include: Buddhist Meditation Sangha, Catholic Daughters of the Americas, Catholic Student Association, Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Georgetown Episcopal Ministry, Georgetown Hindu Students Association, Georgetown Interfaith Council, Georgetown Brothers for Christ, Georgetown Gospel Choir, GU Sisters for Christ, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Jewish Student Association, Knights of Columbus, Muslim Students Association, WorthyLife Christian Fellowship, Orthodox Christian Fellowship, The Gathering, Campus Outreach, Jewish Sisterhood of Georgetown.

This annual event is often a very overwhelming one for many first-year students. I certainly remember from my time as a freshman wanting to sign up for almost every club I came across. As an organizer this year, I've seen it as an amazing opportunity for Georgetown students to truly see what is waiting for them at Georgetown. Our gathering of religious and spiritual groups was particularly robust this year, highlighting groups and ministries of all sizes.

This blog was submitted by the Student Activities Commission, a President's Interfaith Challenge student partner.

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