Cara Acciaioli (United States) on Two Weeks of Unity

July 13, 2012

The Olympic Games are a time of cohesion. They are a time when people from different races, religions, and genders can join hand in hand to represent their cultures, their countries, and their sports. For a moment, the entire world is drawn together with one common interest: to gather in awe over the beautifully made human body. The Olympic values of friendship, sport, and nondiscrimination remind us of this truth.
For two weeks we are reminded that everybody is created equal. We are reminded that everybody has one heart, one brain, and the ability to conquer physical challenges never thought possible. No matter what our political views are, what our skin color is, or what our beliefs are, we are all strategically and carefully created. The human race was made to conquer, made to succeed, and most importantly, we were made to support each other while doing these things. Often times it is easy for us to forget that we are all equally made.

The Olympic values also remind us that sports are a universal language; as long as the rules are understood, anybody can play. Sports are played in every country and can be played by every person; they have the ability to bring everyone together. They create friendships and bonds by bringing communities together.

In order to instill these values of community, acceptance, and friendship in young minds, it is important to take action at an early age. Starting as children, we should be taught that every human has purpose. Too often children are exposed to racial, religious, and sexist segregation through music, movies, and television shows. Many mainstream radio lyrics slam women and use racial slurs. Most television shows and movies do the same. Cleaning up the media would be the most progressive and conducive way to promoting unity. Lyrics should be full of hope and acceptance. Shows and movies should demonstrate kindness and friendship. Artists and writers should recognize that humans learn by example and provide an example worth following. Matisyahu, a musician known worldwide, sang “One day this all will change, treat people the same, stop with the violence, down with the hate.” Lyrics like these are innovative and provide an initiative to make a change.

The Olympic values represent so much more than just physical competition. They represent peace, hope, friendship, and individuality. They represent a universal moral code that civilizations should follow every day, not just during the Olympics.
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